Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) PARRY, 1863

(G. = Lucanus metallifer)

= Cyclophthalmus WESTWOOD, 1845 (G. = Lucanus metallifer) (preoc. By CORDA, 1835 in Arachnida).

= Cyclophthorus WESTWOOD, 1845 (nomen nudum)

= Megaloprepes THOMSON, 1862 (G. = Lucanus tarandus) (preoc. by Rambur, 1842 in Neuroptera and Bigot, 1859 in Diptera)

Lacordaire (1856) states that Cyclophthalmus was described by Hope in 1843 (p.364) based on Cyclophthalmus platycephalus from Assam, actually a Prismognathus, and illustrated in Westwood 1848, pl.8, fig.2.

HOPE F.W. (1843) Descriptions of some new Coleopterous insects from the Kasya Hills, near the boundary of Assam. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 12(78): 363-364.

LACORDAIRE J.T. (1856) Histoire Naturelle des Insectes. Genera des coloptres ou expos mthodique et critique de tous les genres proposs jusqu'ici dans cet ordre d'insectes. Tome III. Contenant les Familles des Pectinicornes et Lamellicornes. Lucanides, pp 4-44. Paris : Librairie Encyclopdique de Roret. 594 pp.

WESTWOOD J.O. (1848) The Cabin. Of Or. Ent., pl.8, fig.2.



Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) alagari DE LISLE, 1968.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) bomansi LACROIX.


      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) canaliculatus ssp. canaliculatus RITSEMA, 1891.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) canaliculatus ssp. freygessneri RITSEMA, 1892.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) canaliculatus ssp. consanguineus BOILEAU, 1898.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) canaliculatus ssp. infans DE LISLE, 1970.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) chewi MIZUNUMA, 1994.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) cupreonitens BOILEAU, 1901.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) dehaani (WESTWOOD, 1842).


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) elaphus GESTRO, 1881.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) ethmarionotus DE LISLE, 1980.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) eximius MOLLENKAMP, 1909.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) faunicolor (WESTWOOD, 1844).


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) finschi NAGEL, 1932.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) gestroi NAGEL, 1931.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) giraffa MOLLENKAMP, 1904.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) hagedorni NAGAI & TSUKAMOTO, 2002.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) imperator BOILEAU, 1905.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) incognitus MOLLENKAMP, 1906.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) insignis PARRY, 1862.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) kaupi DEYROLLE, 1865.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) lacroixi WEINREICH, 1971.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) lunifer BOILEAU, 1905.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) maitlandi PARRY, 1864.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) margaritae GESTRO, 1877.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) martinii LACROIX, 1989.


      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) metallifer ssp. metallifer (BOISDUVAL, 1835).

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) metallifer ssp. sangirensis MIZUNUMA & NAGAI, 1991.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) metallifer ssp. finae MIZUNUMA & NAGAI, 1991.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) metallifer ssp. isogaii MIZUNUMA & NAGAI, 1991.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) metallifer ssp. otanii MIZUNUMA & NAGAI, 1991.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) metallifer ssp. aeneomicans PARRY, 1862.


      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) montanellus ssp. magnificus NAGEL, 1926.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) montanellus ssp. montanellus MOLLENKAMP, 1904.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) modigliani RITSEMA, 1899.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) murutiorum IKEDA & KATSURA, 2001.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) pasteuri RITSEMA, 1891.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) pulchellus MOLLENKAMP, 1900.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) ribbei DE LISLE, 1980.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) simalurensis RITSEMA, 1913.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) sintangensis LACROIX, 1981.


      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) speciosus ssp. speciosus BOILEAU, 1898.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) speciosus ssp. misimaensis DE LISLE, 1967.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) speciosus ssp. anepsius DE LISLE, 1980.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) spineus DIDIER, 1930.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) splendidus SCHENK, 2000.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) squamosus RITSEMA, 1892.


Cyclommatus (Cycommatus) subtilis DE LISLE, 1967.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) sumptuosus MOLLENKAMP, 1902.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) suzumurai MIZUNUMA & NAGAI, 1991.


      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) tarandus ssp. stenosomus DE LISLE.

      Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) tarandus ssp. tarandus (THUNBERG, 1806).


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) tittonii LACROIX en LACROIX, RATTI & TARONI, 1983.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) trifurcatus MOLLENKAMP, 1902.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) websteri DE LISLE, 1980.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) weinreichi LACROIX, 1972.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) zuberi WATERHOUSE, 1876.


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) sp. (= assimilis LACROIX, undescribed).


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) sp. (= borneensis LACROIX, undescribed).


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) sp. (= mirabilis LACROIX, undescribed).


Cyclommatus (Cyclommatus) sp. (= renardi LACROIX, undescribed).